About This Project

At M Boutique Hotel Ipoh, we wanted to be a little environmentally friendly, and so decided against providing complimentary daily newspaper. In line with our design concept, we decided to create another small space in our home. Some call it a parlor, lounge room, sitting room, etc., but we just call it The Living Room which is located at Level 1 of M Boutique Hotel Ipoh, that continues with the seamless design of our Adventure Floor. Adorned with furnishings such as a rattan recliners, ornate tables, bookshelves, safari themed lamps and jut rugs, The Living Room is also ideal as a reading room where we display our selection of today’s newspapers or for just unwinding with a small group of friends and soak in the urban vintage atmosphere. We also have a small selection of books and an internet station (yes, we use iMac’s) if you wanted to surf the internet, and a water dispenser that has both hot and cold filtered water.


The number one used facility in our Living Room is our Self Service Laundry, which available 24 hours a day, and we also provide complimentary detergent and softener. This service is provided on complimentary basis to our in house guests! Our Laundry comes with a front loading 7kg washer and a complementing dryer. It’s self service, and the people in the pictures are not included!


The Living Room is also our gateway to the Gymnasium for a quick workout and even to M Space, our Meeting Room for your discussions and meetings. Why did we call it the Living Room? Well, at M Boutique Hotel, Ipoh, we think of ourselves as family, and you are our guests in our home!


A Note on our Photos;

Taken by ourselves, with minimal lighting adjustment. No professional photographer or digital touch up! Family photo by Azizul : Candid Pictures Ipoh


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