The Young And The Young At Heart

It definitely looks like it’s all fun and games at M Boutique, as commented by some of our guests based on our antics including photo postings of the Family online, but evidently it’s NOT! The real truth is that we are consistently in tangled chaos, hilariously hectic, being a young family and all; consistently playing at work, and working at play! The M Boutique concept has always been about everything related to “The Young And The Young At Heart”, celebrating all that comes with being youthful, spiced with a dash of boisterousness, rebelliousness, stubbornness, directness, ignorance, energy and the resilience to try things which have never been done before! Isn’t this a wondrous bundle of joy to come home to everyday?

Welcome to the daily dose of life at M Boutique, Ipoh, of which we prefer to call The Art & Science of The Young & The Young At Heart in M Boutique, cause it sounds a little more cheeky? If you may not have realized by now, we have always considered ourselves as Family at M Boutique, and you, our guests, as friends who are coming to visit us, in our home. That is the underlying philosophy here, whist consistently searching for our true selves and identity, just like young children beginning to mature into adults. When we first started this hotel project, the founding Family Members (who are now considered the Young At Heart Mentors), did not want a home that was just like another hotel. They wanted to “Break The Rules Once In A While” (which, incidentally, is one of the commandments of The Rules of The Lobby, but more on that later …) with a rudimentary return to the principles of Hospitality; they felt that in this time and age, there were too many complications. Hence, the concept of being casual, trendy and keeping in line with the lifestyles of the present was born. The main challenge was, how do we remain relevant to the present? Our founding mentors decided the best approach would be to recruit The Young & The Young At Heart, in part as a showcase of what the youth of today are capable of and of course, to stay relevant to the present. This was a rare move, in our local hospitality circles, but they decided to take the challenge.

Play at Work, Work at Play


For your information, M Boutique Ipoh was never conceived as a Posh Luxury Hotel, and we have noted that some of our guests do come with the expectation that we are a typical 5 Star Hotel, which we never claimed to be. Perhaps it is due to our decoration? Perhaps it looks posh? Well, we’ve just wanted to treat all our guests as friends coming over to our own home, never thinking that this was a 5 Star Luxury Hotel, cause we are not. According to our founding mentors, our service culture motto is; “Let’s us be a young upstart, full of youthful enthusiasm. In creating an attitude, let’s us exude confidence from being the best that we can be. We will not be grand because we can never be, so let us be unpretentious but sure of ourselves because we are a hotel that will give you more than what you expect. In short, we will be driven by a youthful exuberance, be filled with original ideas and provide our services with an unpretentious flair that can only come from being confident and totally at ease with our competence”. Now do you see why we call this the Art & Science of “The Young And The Young At Heart”?

Play at Work, Work at Play!


A Big Shout Out to Candid Pictures Studio, Ipoh for believing in us and our concept for this “corporate” photo shoot, which we termed as “Play at Work, Work at Play”. We thought the photos were a real reflection of the Dysfunctional M Boutique Ipoh Family! 🙂


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