Kakiseni Ipoh Malaysia

The Other Festival 2015

Many people know Ipoh as a Foodie town. In recent months, Ipoh is beginning to be known as a hipster town. So this small Tin Mining City that was left pretty behind in terms of it’s economic growth when Tin as a commodity became commercially unviable, has begun to awake from it’s long slumber. It’s not always been a bed of roses, and the road to waking up had been riddled with many obstacles right until today. What is inspiring is in the resilience of the Ipoh Community, from business owners to the people from Ipoh. With this small group, many have banded together in order to promote Ipoh as a whole. In fact, even the M Boutique Family of Ipoh Hotels are also trying to promote Ipoh and things have improved over the years. It comes as no surprise that Ipoh is still quite a “slow” and “pleasant” town with not much activities. However, we are also pleased to know the KakiSeni has also banded with Ipoh landlords, business owners and individuals to bring to you a Arts Festival which is called “The Other Festival 2015”. This brings a whole load of performances, bazaars, guided tours, food trails, forums, and a plethora of other artistic activities that starts from 22 October to 8 November 2015. Come and partake in Ipoh’s artistic endeavour and show your support for The Other Festival 2015.

For more information on The Other Festival please click on the links below,

Official Website – https://ipoh.kakiseni.com

Official Event on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/123822074625600/

Hashtag – #OTHERFEST


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