Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

The M Boutique Family Says Hello!

The Family at M Boutique Hotel Ipoh, says hello to all our guests, friends and colleagues in the hotel industry! It’s really nice to know that since our soft opening in November 2013, we have had a lot of comments from our in-house guests and we are extremely grateful for all your invaluable feedback. In actual fact M Boutique Hotel Ipoh was conceived and considered a pilot project for us, as we envisioned ourselves as casual and funky, in a rustic setting. It was quite a challenge since we all came from different hotel backgrounds, of which the term casual and funky was unheard of. How do we translate this into our service culture, that was the main question we had our pre-opening phases, we finally decided on a Family Orientated approach, which we felt was quite refreshing, yet numerous obstacles were still strewn in our path!

During these couple of months, we would, now and then, have guests who bestow the title on us, rating us as a 5 Star Hotel. We are indeed grateful for the high praise, but have always thought of ourselves as just a fairly unique home. Yes, we may have trimmings of luxury which is synonymous to many 5 Star Hotels, but with our service culture, we like to think of M Boutique Hotel Ipoh as our home, and you, our reader or in-house guest, our friend coming over to Ipoh to visit us. We did take a lot of trouble to look at all the smaller items that hotels provide, in ensuring quality in whatever we do. We are also a very small family and at times, the lines are blurred as to who does what, cause we believe in helping each other out! Isn’t that what a Family does? Undoubtedly, like any other Family, we do have our ups and downs, but we do try very hard to maintain our level of products and services with our limited manning, and we actively canvas for comments from our guests. At M Boutique, it is our philosophy to listen to all the grouses and praises, as we understand that there is no such thing as a Perfect Hotel. Of more importance, we try our level best to be as honest as possible in all that we do.

We do get a lot of questions from many quarters, and yes, M Boutique Hotel Ipoh, is a 100% Ipoh endevour. From our owners, to our Artistic Designers and even the construction crew! Even our Family comprises of up to 95% from Perak! So, on behalf of the M Boutique Hotel Ipoh Family, we would like to thank you very much for all your support, comments and patronage. We do hope that we can be of service to you in the near future!

The M Boutique Hotel Ipoh Family


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