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The Oldtown White Coffee story began in 1999 when the company began offering packs of conveniently packed white coffee that were lovingly roasted to perfection following a traditional recipe that has remained unchanged since time immemorial. People fell in love with the rich, aromatic flavour of Oldtown White Coffee and wanted more. With growing demand, Oldtown White Coffee Opened it’s first cafe in 2005. Today, the signature rich flavour of Oldtown White Coffee is enjoyed in over 200 cafés worldwide including Singapore, Indonesia and China.


Drawing in the rich cultural legacy of Malaysia has resulted in a culinary tradition unlike anything else in the world, Oldtown White Coffee Grand brings the best in Malaysian cuisine together under one roof. Using only the freshest of ingredients and made to home-tested recipes handed down over generations, Oldtown White Coffee Grand allows you to savour authentic Malaysian-style meals that will delight your senses. From crispy, buttery brown toast to snack to our world famous and smooth White Coffee, there’s something to whet everyone’s appetite at Oldtown White Coffee Grand.


Malaysian cuisine is a unique experience. The rich melting pot of cultures that is Malaysia has resulted in a dining experience where each meal is a symphony of enhanced flavours when paired with each other – there’s no better way to enjoy the vast variety of cuisine on offer at Oldtown White Coffee Grand than to explore the extensive menu together! After all, the best experiences are shared with friends and loved ones. Oldtown White Coffee Grand is a Restaurant Partner of M Boutique Hotel Ipoh.


A Note on our Photos;

Taken by ourselves, with minimal lighting adjustment. No professional photographer or digital touch up!


Business Information

Business Hours : 7 am - 12.30 am | Daily Tel : +6 016 526 6897

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