Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Mobile App

In line with Christmas 2014, we just launched our Mobile App! Many were curious, in fact some people said that Mobile Apps were actually on the downtrend, but the Family at M Boutique just wanted to try our (as we are consistently experimenting) hand at our very own Mobile App. The good news? Well, if you download our Mobile App, not only would you get an online brochure on your very own smartphone, but this is where we will be offering discounts, promotional offers and occasional freebies from us and our partners! But wait! If you were to register as a member on our Mobile App, it will open up more discounts and last minute offers that is only exclusive to our members. Some people charge for their Mobile App in exchange for free vouchers, but we are offering all this for FREE!

If you are interested to download our Mobile App (Why not? It’s free after all), please follow the following links;

Otherwise, you can access iTunes or Google Play and Search for M Boutique Hotel and install. We welcome any comments about our Mobile App!


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