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M Boutique Receives Snail Mail!

When was the last time you received a hand written note, letter or card from someone? We were totally unprepared when we received an envelope from the postman that bore those words … To The Staff, M Boutique Hotel. It definitely sparked our curiosity, cause at the back of our minds we were thinking, “who sends snail mail these days?”. With the advent of the Internet, information travels at the speed of electrons, almost instantaneously. So what could this snail mail hold for the Family at M Boutique? To top it off, it came from Australia at a cost of AUD$1.85 postage! Unable to keep our curiosity under control, our hands automatically began to unravel the envelope … Lo and Behold! It was a greeting card! Opening it we began to decifier the contents (cause it’s been years since we read nice hand written cursive writing, as compare to the clean, uniform typography on a back lit LCD Screen!).



Can you decipher it? For those who have never received a hand written letter, card, or note via snail main; we are going to decipher it for your benefit ….. “Dear Jenny, Maria, Sue, Jason and all the staff at the Oriental Diner, words can’t express my thanks to the wonderful staff at M Boutique for all the help and assistance you have given me during my stay at Ipoh.”

“It certain was not easy for a total stranger, a retiree at that with a mission to achieve in a short couple of days. The result was an absolute success more then I ever anticipated. Thanks once again, you certainly made a friend out of a total stranger, very apt to your hotel mission. You certainly make it HAPPEN!!. Keep up the good work guys.”

Kind Regards,
Anne Coullen

Oh my! All of us that crowded around the card felt all warm and fuzzy … someone actually really cared to go out to John Sands, bought us a card, took the time to write and also the time time to post it in the mail! Yeah, so who cares if it is snail mail? It just serves to remind us that there was someone who really cared. And now that very card sit proudly on our notice board! It’s a first for the Family at M Boutique. To Ms. Anne Coullen, we are really touched, receiving your card!

How about you? If compared to an Email or a Written Note via snail mail, which would you prefer? Have a think about it. Maybe this video would help to express our feelings and perhaps yours as well!


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