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Keep Gallery : A Preferred M Boutique Partner

You may be wondering why we are featuring Keep Gallery Wedding Studio’s logo on M Boutique Hotel Ipoh’s website. If you are unaware, at M Boutique Hotel Ipoh, we try to do our part to give back to the community. In actual fact, we have had many requests for commercial and personal photo shooting, and traditionally, Hotel’s do not allow such kind of activities as it can be seen to be an invasion of privacy and/or disturbing the peace in the Hotel. However, at M Boutique Hotel Ipoh, we think things a little different from the rest of Hotel. Call this our Corporate Social Responsibility program, but we just love to do our bit for the community. Sure, we have our set rules at M Boutique Hotel Ipoh, and we do ask you to take a room (Superior Room) to enable you to use our venue as your prewedding photo shoot, but we think that is fair. Apologies though, you can only take photos from Sunday to Thursday but you need to make an appointment with us!

Anyhow, enough about M Boutique Hotel Ipoh. Lets now focus on the creative works of Mr. Benny Koo from Keep Gallery Ipoh Branch, who has over the couple of weeks been busy shuttling to and fro from his office to M Boutique. We had known Mr. Koo from the inception of Keep Gallery and when we offered them a chance to take photos at our place, they returned with some wonderful portraiture in our humble hotel. When we asked for photos as we wanted to showcase some of the pictures to be shared by all, he was kind enough to oblige and hence we now have the opportunity to showcase some of his works at M Boutique Hotel. We are happy to announce that Keep Gallery Wedding Studio is now a Preferred Partner of M Boutique Hotel Ipoh.

About Keep Gallery

Established since 2006, Keep Gallery Wedding Studio is founded by a few professional wedding photographers who have a combined experience of 18 years in wedding shooting. We have captured many moments of loving souls within these period.

Throughout the years of shooting, we have applied various styles in our photography such as fashion style, artistic style and life style. This entire characteristic created by Keep Gallery founders is the main reason why we are favored by our clients and also photography enthusiasts’ first choice.

PreWedding Photography at M Boutique Hotel Ipoh

For more information and how to take your prewedding photos at M Boutique Hotel, Ipoh, please contact Keep Gallery. To view more of our photos please visit our Gallery : Pre Wedding, Wedding & Photo Shoots.


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