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The Family at M Boutique has fans of K Pop too! Suprised? Don’t forget, our home is run by the young and the young at heart! As such we do keep abreast with some of the latest trends! Some of our favourite bands includes Big Bang, BAP, Exo, 2NE1, Davichi, 4 Minute and so much more! So to our surprise, we got a call from the K Sisters, owners of Oniko Closet, a young vibrant upstart on Korean Fashion online shop made a room reservation and asked us for permission to shoot their latest range at M Boutique! And of course, being our Youthful selves in Ipoh coupled with K Pop fans, how can we say no? So this posting is dedicated to all the K Pop fans out there, and we hope you enjoy the product shots from Oniko Closet, which used a combination of iPhone, DSLR and a simple light! And they were caught snapping photos right till the early hours of the morning! This commanded our respect as the Youth of today are very disciplined when they do what they love to do, how we wish everyone are able to find something that they love to do, don’t you? Don’t forget, we do support small businesses as long as you respect our small Family & home!


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