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Instagram Heaven?

on instagramWe recently came across a review on Tripadvisor with the title “Instagram Heaven”. While the family at M Boutique appreciates all comments, this was the first time one of our guests had commented they loved our home for an instagram stream. So we took the trouble to look up Instagram with the hash tag #mboutiquehotels ….. nothing much turned up. Well, so much for that. Later, we met kemsalleh, Founder of Kapas Couture & KapasbyKem, fashion & wedding consultant. Host & writer 4 KoffeewithKem who said he would post up some “interesting” pictures on Instagram … and we thought to ourselves, ok, here we go again … We got his handle and checked Instagram, well, what do you know! M Boutique had just hired a couple of wedding planners to work with us even though it might just be for a few seconds! We just loved the pictures that kemsalleh took!

at instagramSo we learnt from our mistakes, the right hashtag used was #mboutique #ipoh, and in the spirit of curiousity, we did just that, we scoured Instagram for our hashtags, and we came up with some interesting pics! We also loved the instagram stream of samanthacsy, her antics were cool! On behalf of the family of M Boutique, we would like to thank kemsalleh and samanthacsy for staying at M Boutique Ipoh and for posting such candid instagram pics! Now we begin to understand why the reviewer on Tripadvisor called us an Instagram Heaven! We’re just happy that our guests loved the photo opportunities our home could provide!

So click away with your smartphones and Instagram on! Don’t forget to hashtag us #mboutique or #mboutiquehotels and #ipoh …. Thanks for all the wonderful photos!


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