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The M Boutique Family was surprised to have received an email from one of our guests, who apparently wrote an article about us with the caption The Hip List, that appeared in Prestige Magazine Malaysia, recently.

Travel and Wellness; The Hip List : Unusual concepts beautifully realized, these four (but we, of course only feature us!) fabulous design focused properties in Malaysia are far from your average boutique hotels,discovers Jennifer Choo.

New Straits Time
Once seen as Penang’s plainer sister, the erstwhile mining town of Ipoh has been quietly winning over visitors with its good food and sleepy hollow charm. Hipster cool arrived in Ipoh via Ng Seksan’s Sekeping Kong Heng. Now with the recently opened M Boutique Hotel, it would seem that design with a capital D has landed.

According to General Manager Lloyd Gan, the initial focus was to build a hotel that was totally unique to Ipoh based on its historical and geographical aspects but the project morphed into something more distinctive with the help of artistic input from lifestyle boutique, Lifeshop Atelier. Carved out of five shoplots, M Boutique has an urban straits eclectic feel and been restored to pay tribute to the inherent architectural features such huge window panels, high ceilings and timber as well as English colonial accents with the lighting and colour combinations.

Like a labyrinthine cave of wonders, M Boutique boasts three thematic floors. The Adventure Floor on the first level has a Malayan safari concept that features abundant animal motifs and travel themed pieces. Above it is the Majestic Floor where cheeky numerology is used against a chic raw backdrop to great graphic effect. The highest floor is called The Excelsior – here alphabets and colourful insects abound amongst the loft setting which is a tribute to the circle of life.

A rustic brick façade unifies the blocks of shophouses from the street view and is a nod to their heritage as red bricks were very commonly used then. This imposing façade imbues the hotel with a sense of mystery, a teaser to the multi-layered aesthetic and sensorial delights awaiting guests within. In fact, M could easily stand for Magical.


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