at M Boutique Ipoh

The Clayton Family at M Boutique

We have been busy with Pre Wedding Couples, so can you imagine our surprise when one of your guests sent us an email to inquire about a family photo shoot! The M Boutique Family scratched our heads wondering how we would fulfill this request as we had never done this kind of photo shoot before. Luckily, we had met the team at Jangguttouch who were here to do a Malay Wedding Couple. We quickly picked up the phone and asked them if they would be interested to do a family portraiture for one of our guests and they said they would be happy to!

Our guest was Mr. Edward Clayton, who had sent us an inquiry via email, and had already booked rooms online. We then offered Jangguttouch’s offer, showing them their portfolio, and they agreed to engage them! This would be a really interesting project as this is Jangguttouch’s and M Boutique first family photo project in our home in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia! A few weeks later, we met Mr. Clayton in person with his lovely wife and children, but they only had 2 hours to do the photo shoot! Both photographers and us were taken a back, as normally such photo shoots take at least half a day to take!

So how did it go? Well, you be the judge, as we list some of our favourites from this photo shoot ….