A Fashionista Writes

What do you get when a self professed Fashionista comes to M Boutique? Will he give us the thumbs up or down? Here is an excerpt of the review of M Boutique Hotel, Ipoh ….

Mention Ipoh and the notion of a sleepy town tucked in between two bustling cities of Kuala Lumpur and Penang would conjure in mind.

Unbelievable but true, I spent two years of my twenty-something life in Ipoh, basking in its quaint charm, its lifeless nights (all establishments close by eight at night, even on weekends) and most importantly, a gastronomic galore that can put you into a serious food coma!

While getting a place to stay is not a problem within the city centre and its fringes, it can be said that most Ipoh hotels, either cheap or expensive, are rather shaped using the same cookie cutter.

The rooms are lacked of soul or personality, while the interior decorations are very stiff and uninviting. However, there is one “new kid on the block” that begs to differ and it is called the M Boutique Hotel.

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