Raw, Industrial, Concrete – terms that can best describe The Majestic Theme Floor at M Boutique Hotel Ipoh. Bare exposed concrete walls with primitive hand drawings, our definition of ‘Majestic’; characterized by or possessing majesty; of dignity or imposing aspect; stately; grand. The Majestic theme Floor is interpreted with the coupling of our Asian affinity for numerology! This themed floor draws inspiration from two former Majestic Hotel’s, the first being The Majestic located at 115 Central Park West, Manhattan, New York City which was constructed in 1930-1931 designed in the Art Deco style. The second is The Majestic Building located at 137 Woodward Avenue in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, built in 1896 and demolished in 1909. The Majestic Building was hailed as a “fireproof skyscraper” and this claim was proven in 1915 when a fire broke out on the top floor and burned for two hours. The fire never spread to other floors and never endangered the building’s supporting structure. Hence the mashing of these two concepts resulted in the birth of M Boutique Hotel’s Majestic Floor!


One of the most favoured Floors, we receive the most requests for this, but we do not sell rooms by thematic floors as we are committed in maintaining our small Ipoh home, closing floors on a regular basis for inspection and rectification. Our Majestic Floor is also not for everyone, as it features exposed cement renders, with electrical cabling dangling from the ceiling to primitive cave art that adorns the walls – softened with our rendition of numerology and illuminated with tungsten lights. Be warned, all our numbers tell a tale ……

Rooms & Features

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12” Thick Mattress

Duck Down Plush Top

Dual Density Pillows

Free Shared Wi-Fi



In Room Safety Deposit Box

Oldtown White Coffee

En Suite Bathroom with Rain Shower

Universal Power Socket with 1 USB Port


* If you are allergic to Duck/Goose Feathers; kindly let us know in advance, as we utilize these items for our pillows and plush top. 

** The Premier Triple and Family Suites can only be booked directly with us due to limited rooms. Please call or email us if you would like to book these categories.

*** We do not sell rooms by Themed Floors as we are committed to maintaining our home, and close floors on a regular basis. You can, put in a request, subject to availability. For a full list of our FAQ, please click here.

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