About This Project

MYTH Eatery and Bar was born from the union of food lovers who wanted to create an eatery that’s reflective of the quaint environment in Ipoh, Malaysia. This Eatery and Bar is a place that serves simple yet thoughtful dishes and drinks in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, reminiscent of an classic apothecary shop.


At MYTH Eatery and Bar, we are committed to providing quick simple flavours, and do go out of our way to source the finest ingredients from our suppliers who are particular about quality and conscious about produce that affects the environment. MYTH is also a trip back in time, when farming and cooking were a personal passion, blending with Ipoh’s culture, in harmony with the Ipoh’s past. As we developed this Eatery and Bar, we lovingly restored the historical aspect of shop houses in Ipoh, giving it a homey feel which is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city dwelling. MYTH Eatery and Bar is a Restaurant Partner of M Boutique Hotel Ipoh.


A Note on our Photos;

Taken by ourselves, with minimal lighting adjustment. No professional photographer or digital touch up!


Business Information

Business Hours : 8 am - 12.00 am | Daily Tel : +6 05 254 8133

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